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Figure 1

From: An in vivo analysis of the localisation and interactions of human p66 DNA polymerase δ subunit

Figure 1

Two-hybrid analysis of p66 and p50 interactions. β-galactosidase assays were carried out as described in the Methods section using strain Y190 co-transformed with plasmids as indicated. Top panel: various proteins expressed as fusions with the transcription activation domain of GAL4 (pACT) were co-expressed with human p66 expressed as a fusion with the sequence specific DNA-binding domain of GAL4 (pAS). Lower panel: activation domain fusions were co-expressed with human p50 fused with the sequence specific DNA-binding domain of GAL4. pACT constructs are as described: p66 (Methods section); Pcn1 (S. pombe PCNA) [43]; Cdc27 (S. pombe p66 homologue) [21]; Fen1 (human repair and replication endonuclease) [45]; UNG2 (human uracil DNA glycosylase) [44] and S. cerevisiae Snf1 as a negative control.

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