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Figure 1

From: High-level gene expression in Aedes albopictus cells using a baculovirus Hr3 enhancer and IE1 trans activator

Figure 1

Firefly luciferase expression from various promoter/enhancer plasmids in Aedes albopictus C7-10 cells. Cells were assayed for luciferase expression 24 hrs. post-transfection. The averages of five replications are reported and error is reported as +/- 1 standard error. (A) To normalize for differences in transfection efficiency and cell cycle state within the experiment, the firefly luciferase luminescence values for each construct were divided by the corresponding Renilla luciferase luminescence values measured in a dual luciferase assay. Bars in red indicate the presence of the IE1 trans activator. The Hr3 enhancer clearly outperforms both the cULR and the eSV40 enhancers in combination with each of the promoters. (B) Raw firefly luciferase values are reported as a % of pSLIE1Luc expression on a log scale. The bars in red show levels of firefly luciferase expression in the presence of the IE1 trans activator. Addition of the IE1 trans activating protein (Hr3+) increased firefly luciferase expression 2.5–4-fold over all Hr3-promoter combinations alone and 50–200-fold over basal promoter expression.

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