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Figure 1

From: Control of dinucleoside polyphosphates by the FHIT-homologous HNT2 gene, adenine biosynthesis and heat shock in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Figure 1

Disruption of hnt2. Strain BY16 was crossed with strain BY4717 to generate diploid strain BY71, which was dissected to generate haploid progeny. Markers were scored for mating type, auxotrophic requirements and G418-resistance. The two small segregants per tetrad are ade2Δ mutants. Here, four segregants that had been scored for G418-resistance were scored for size of the HNT2 locus by PCR using diagnostic primers 4722 and 4726. G418-sensitive progeny, BY71-3a and BY71-3c produced a product of 1200 bp while G418-resistant progeny BY71-3b and BY71-3d produced a product of 1976 bp, demonstrating physical linkage of kanMX2 to hnt2 disruption.

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