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Figure 5

From: Natural antisense RNA inhibits the expression of BCMA, a tumour necrosis factor receptor homologue.

Figure 5

A. Structure of the BCMA gene and its corresponding antisense mRNA. The exons are indicated by boxes (white for the coding sequences and black for the 5' and 3' untranslated exons). Arrows indicate the direction of transcripton. The relative positions of the sense BCMA and antisense p12 cDNAs are also shown and the location of the restriction sites used indicated (M for XmnI, H for XhoI, R for RsaI and S for SalI). B. Analysis of RT-PCR products. 293T cells were transfected with vector expressing FhBCMA in the presence of a five-fold excess of p12-ATG expression vector. 48 hours after transfection, cells were harvested and cytoplasmic and nuclear RNA isolated, reverse transcribed and amplified by PCR . The resulting 555 bp BCMA band was digested with XmnI, and XhoI restriction enzymes. The results of these digestions are shown. C. Sequence comparison of clone #10 with that of WT human BCMA cDNA. Only the sequence overlapping the antisense BCMA is shown (modifications were found only in this part of the sequence). Only modified bases are indicated in the sequence of the #10 clone. Other sequences were identical. The XmnI, XhoI, RsaI and SalI sites are underlined.

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