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Table 1 Potential methylation guide snoRNAs not associated with any known methylation site on human 28S rRNA.a

From: Locations of several novel 2'-O-methylated nucleotides in human 28S rRNA

snoRNA Predicted 2'-O-Me site Duplexes between a snoRNA (bottom) and 28S rRNA (top) References
U21 Gm1296 [3, 12]
U26 Am389 [3, 13]
U31 Gm4156  
U48 Cm2268 [3]
U50 Gm2853  
U73 Gm1739 [6]
U74 Cm3810 [5]
U80 Gm1604  
U81 Am391  
  1. a Nucleotide numbering of predicted 2'-O-methylations is presented according to the rRNA sequence occurring in GenBank under accession number M11167. Potential duplexes between the snoRNAs and 28S rRNA are presented. Predicted 2'-O-ribose methylation sites of 28S rRNA are underlined and the D or D' elements of snoRNA are boxed.