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Figure 4

From: Insight into the cellular involvement of the two reverse gyrases from the hyperthermophilic archaeon Sulfolobus solfataricus

Figure 4

Reverse gyrase content in S. solfataricus cells. Crude protein extracts were prepared from cells growing exponentially at 80°C (lane 1), transferred to 45°C for 7 days (lane 2), 14 days (lane 3) and 21 days (lane 4) or back to 80°C for 24 hours (lane 5). Aliquots of 10 μg and 50 μg of crude extract were used for detection of TopR1 and TopR2, respectively, by western blotting with anti-TopR1 (A) or anti-TopR2 (B) antibodies. The specific signals were converted to the number of TopR molecules per cell, shown in panel C. The quantification data shown in panel C represent the average of at least three independent experiments.

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