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Table 4 Biological processes and pathways linked to experimentally defined and differentially expressed genes in TIA-depleted HeLa cells

From: Identification of a set of miRNAs differentially expressed in transiently TIA-depleted HeLa cells by genome-wide profiling

Categories enriched in Description Number of genes Gene symbol p-value
Up-regulated genes  
GO term  
GO:0070555 Response to interleukin-1 2 IL1R1, IRAK2 6.21E-04
GO:0045087 Innate immune response 2 IL1R1, IRAK2 6,88E-03
GO:0007165 Signal transduction 2 IL1R1, IRAK2 2,88E-02
KEGG term  
Kegg:04080 Neuroactive ligand-receptor interaction 2 CNR1, F2RL2 6.88E-03
Kegg:04210 Apoptosis 2 IL1R1, IRAK2 1.43E-03
Down-regulated genes  
GO term  
GO:0032836 Glomerular basement membrane development 2 COL4A4, NID1 1.09E-02
KEGG term  
Kegg:04144 Endocytosis 4 RAB22A, AP2B1, DAB2, PLD1 3.23E-02
Kegg:04142 Lysosome 3 CTSC, AP1S2, LAMP2 4.77E-02
  1. Gene Ontology (GO) and Kyoto Encyclopedia of Genes and Genomes (KEGG) databases analysis were carried out using GeneCodis3 software.