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Figure 7

From: Drosophila MOF controls Checkpoint protein2 and regulates genomic stability during early embryogenesis

Figure 7

Loss of MOF causes defects in spindle fibre organisation and nuclear migration. (A) 0–2 h mof1 and yw67c23 embryos were stained with alpha tubulin antibody (red) and DAPI is used as DNA dye. The chromosomes were not properly aligned in the metaphase plane with tubulin fibres attached all over the chromosmes. (B) The percentage of embryos exhibiting mitotic spindle defects is represented in the form of bar diagram. (C) The early embryos of mof1 and yw67c23 were stained with vasa antibody to visualise the pole cells. There was drastic decrease in the number of pole cells in the mof1 embryos indicating that nuclear migration is affected. (D) The number of pole cells in control and mof1 mutant per embryo is represented in the form of bar diagram. Bar indicates 10 μm scale. Statistical significance was assessed using student t-test. *** indicates P<0.001, ** indicates P<0.01, * indicates p<0.05.

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