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Figure 2

From: Drosophila MOF controls Checkpoint protein2 and regulates genomic stability during early embryogenesis

Figure 2

Loss of MOF causes asynchronous cell cycle, mitotic catastrophe and nuclear fallout. Early embryos (0–2 h) of yw67c23, mof1 and mof3 were collected, fixed with DNA dye PI and visualized using confocal microscopy. (A) Large fragmented nuclei indicating the occurrence of mitotic catastrophe is seen in the early embryos of mof1and mof3 mutants when compared to control embryos. (B &C) Increased number of fall out nuclei is observed in the mof1 and mof3 mutants when compared to control yw67c23 embryos. Bar indicates 10 μm scale. The data is represented in the form of bar diagram. Statistical significance was assessed using student t-test. *** indicates P<0.001, ** indicates P<0.01, * indicates p<0.05.

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