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Figure 1

From: Novel polysome messages and changes in translational activity appear after induction of adipogenesis in 3T3-L1 cells

Figure 1

Heatmap for spike-normalized microarray expression data. Columns 1 to 4 show log2 expression data for polysomal (p) and non-polysomal (np) fractions at two time points (0 h and 6 h after hormonal induction). Column 5 shows log2 fold change M ((p6-np6) - (p0-np0)). Only genes with fdr <0.05 were selected. Genes were identified as up-regulated (Up; highest expression in polysomal fractions at time point 6 h after hormonal induction) with M-value > 2, p6 > p0, p6 > np6, np6 < np0, p0 < np0. Genes were identified as down regulated (Down) with M-value < -2, p6 < p0 and as neither up nor down regulated (Equal) with equivalence test parameter 'epsilon = 0,2'. High expression levels are shown in dark grey, low expression levels in white.

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