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Figure 6

From: A point mutation in the DNA-binding domain of HPV-2 E2 protein increases its DNA-binding capacity and reverses its transcriptional regulatory activity on the viral early promoter

Figure 6

The influences of various HPV-2 E2 constructs on the promoter activity under control of the LCR of HPV-16. The relative CAT expression co-transfected with different E2 expressing plasmids was evaluated. HeLa cells were transfected with 2 μg of plasmid pCAT-HPV16-LCR and 500 ng of either mock plasmid (pcDNA3.1) or the plasmids for various E2 constructs (as indicated). 1 μg pCMV-β-galactosidase was transfected as internal control. Cells were harvested 48 h after transfection and the expressions of CAT and β-galactosidase were determined. The CAT expression each preparation was normalized with its β-galactosidase value. The relative CAT expressions are averaged from three independent experiments and presented relative to that of pcDNA3.1. Data are represented as mean ± SEM

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