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Table 2 Bioinformatics analysis of TspDTI domains and functional motifs

From: Related bifunctional restriction endonuclease-methyltransferase triplets: TspDTI, Tth111II/TthHB27I and TsoI with distinct specificities

Residues domain HHPRED PCONS score predicted function
1 ~ 160 PD-(D/E)XK 1m0d (Endo I) 21 1avq (λ exonuclease) 0.18 Mg2+-binding/DNA cleavage
~160-360 helical linker no match no match interactions between domains
~360-790 RFM 2ar0 (M.EcoKI) 4.6e-36 2adm (M.TaqI) 1.9 SAM-binding/methylation
~790- TRD 1ih2 (M.TaqI) 1.9e-13 1yf2 (S.MjaORF132P) 0.374 DNA-binding