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Table 3 Ranking and values for expression stability of potential reference genes in locust neural tissues.

From: Assessment and validation of a suite of reverse transcription-quantitative PCR reference genes for analyses of density-dependent behavioural plasticity in the Australian plague locust



All 8 genes

Without 18SrRNA and Actin

All 8 genes

Without 18SrRNA and Actin

Actin+18SrRNA (0.030)a

Arm+EF1a (0.038)a

Actin+EF1a (0.100)a

Arm+EF1a (0.163)a

Actin (0.036)

EF1a (0.051)

18SrRNA (0.114)

GAPDH (0.191)

EF1a (0.044)

AnnIX (0.075)

Arm (0.133)

AnnIX (0.208)

18SrRNA (0.054)

Arm (0.079)

AnnIX (0.163)

RpL32 (0.224)

Arm (0.069)

RpL32 (0.079)

RpL32 (0.180)

SDHa (0.237)

RpL32 (0.071)

SDHa (0.082)

GAPDH (0.195)


AnnIX (0.073)

GAPDH (0.083)

SDHa (0.212)


GAPDH (0.077)


SDHa (0.081)

  1. Rankings are based on individual values and average values by stepwise exclusion for NormFinder and geNorm, respectively. a The best combination of two reference genes in terms of a paired stability value. In NormFinder, the best paired stability value is determined from the gene with the best individual stability value in combination with another gene. In geNorm, the best paired stability value is reached after stepwise exclusion of the least stable genes. Increasing values indicate decreasing stability.