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Table 1 Nef-induced inhibition of retinoid receptor-mediated gene expression.

From: LIM kinase 1 - dependent cofilin 1 pathway and actin dynamics mediate nuclear retinoid receptor function in T lymphocytes

Name Accession # RXRE/RARE site in the promoter Fold Change Reference
    Gene Array Real-Time-RT-PCR  
IFIT1 NM_001548 Retinoic acid-inducibility known -2.12 -8.30 [34]
RBM8A BC071577 AGGTCAGGAGTTCA -1.82 -1.61 -
ACOT2 NM_006821 AGCTCAGAGGTCA -1.75 -1.32 -
CEBPB NM_005194 Retinoic acid-inducibility known -1.50 -1.60 [35]
CRABP2 NM_001878 Retinoic acid-inducibility known -1.32 -1.74 [36]
  1. 293 cells were transfected with Nef/Stop and Nef/WT plasmids for 36 h. Total RNA was isolated and processed for gene array as described in Experimental Procedures. Five genes whose expression was significantly inhibited by Nef were identified to be either known retinoic acid-inducible genes or contained RAR/RXR binding sites in their promoters. IFIT1, CEBPB, and CRABP2 were found to be known retinoic acid-inducible genes whereas. RBM8A and ACOT2 were found to contain putative RARE (DR2) and RXRE (DR1) sites respectively in their promoter regions upstream of the transcription start site. The inhibition of gene expression was validated by Real-Time RT-PCR.