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Figure 5

From: GhMPK16, a novel stress-responsive group D MAPK gene from cotton, is involved in disease resistance and drought sensitivity

Figure 5

Nucleotide sequence of the promoter region of GhMPK16. The predicted transcription initiation site is indicated (+1, A). The start codon is marked with an asterisk, and the putative core promoter consensus sequences (TATA-box and CAAT-box) are highlighted in grey. The putative cis-acting elements are indicated by boxes and their corresponding names are given above each element. Arrows indicate the direction of the cis-element. Box-W1 is a fungal elicitor responsive element, ERE is an ethylene-responsive element, the MBS binding site is involved in gene induction in response to drought-inducibility and the TCA-element is a cis-acting element involved in SA-responsive.

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