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Figure 4

From: GhMPK16, a novel stress-responsive group D MAPK gene from cotton, is involved in disease resistance and drought sensitivity

Figure 4

Expression profiles of GhMPK16 under abiotic/biotic stresses. RNA blots were performed with total RNA extracted from leaves at the indicated times, and treated with low temperature (12°C) (A), high temperature (37°C) (B), normal temperature (25°C) (C), 200 mM mannitol (D), 200 mM NaCl (E), wounding (F), X. campestris pv. Malvacearum (G), C. gossypii (H), F. oxysporum f. sp. Vasinfectum (I), mock (J), 10 mM SA (K), 100 μM ABA (L), 100 μM MeJA (M), or ethanol (N). Ethidium bromide-stained rRNA was used as the loading control.

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