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Figure 2

From: Genome-wide search identifies Ccnd2 as a direct transcriptional target of Elf5 in mouse mammary gland

Figure 2

Localization and functional categories of putative Elf5 target genes. A. Distribution of Elf5-ChiPed DNA relative to putative target genes. The schematic below illustrates the assigned locations relative to the gene; the arrow indicates the transcription start site and the black boxes represent exons. B. Chromosomal localization of Elf5-ChIPed DNAs. C. Distribution of functional categories of putative Elf5 target genes based on gene ontology. D. A weblogo of Elf5 DNA-binding consensus site The weblogo was generated based on the Patser analysis of putative Elf5-binding sites recovered from the genomic segments occupied by Elf5.

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