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Table 7 Credible Intervals for Fluc expression in the presence of Cd

From: The Renilla luciferase gene as a reference gene for normalization of gene expression in transiently transfected cells

  95% Credible intervals for fold induction
  Fluc/Rluc Fluc/B2M Fluc/ActB
Mean fold induction (53.11,77.52) (58.92, 106.48) (59.98, 121.00)
Standard deviation (9.19, 34.85) (16.30, 74.62) (18.60, 105.60)
  1. The data were modelled using a lognormal distribution and uninformative priors. Random samples from the posterior were drawn and 95% credible intervals were calculated for both the mean fold induction and standard deviation.