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Figure 5

From: RAD51 paralogs promote homology-directed repair at diversifying immunoglobulin V regions

Figure 5

λ R /RAD51D-GFP colocalization depends upon AID-initiated DNA damage and reflects enrichment of RAD51D-GFP at λ R . (A) Comparison of the fraction of cells exhibiting λR/RAD51D-GFP colocalizations in asynchronous cultures of DT40 PolyLacO-λR RFP-LacI RAD51D-GFP cells expressing or not expressing Ugi. (B) Products of PCR amplification from fixed DT40 chromatin after immunoprecipitation with anti-GFP or polyspecific IgG (IgG) antibodies. Results shown are representative of results of three separate experiments, with two different chromatin preparations. Amplicons derived from the rearranged (VλR) or unrearranged (VλU) Vλ regions, or the ovalbumin gene (Ova). Amplification was carried out at two-fold dilutions of template (triangles). Enrichment was calculated as the ratio of the Vλ and Ova amplicons, relative to the IgG control; standard deviations shown.

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