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Figure 4

From: RAD51 paralogs promote homology-directed repair at diversifying immunoglobulin V regions

Figure 4

Representative three-dimensional images of RAD51D-GFP and XRCC2-GFP colocalizations with the λ R gene. Serial images of a single nucleus were taken in 0.2 μm sections, spanning a total field depth of 1.0 μm. Above, λR/RAD51D-GFP colocalizations in stable DT40 PolyLacO-λR RFP-LacI RAD51D-GFP transfectants. Below, λR/XRCC2-GFP colocalizations in stable DT40 PolyLacO-λR RFP-LacI XRCC2-GFP transfectants. λR, red signal from RFP-LacI binding at IgλR; RAD51D-GFP or XRCC2-GFP, green; merge, λR and RAD51D-GFP or XRCC2-GFP signals; DAPI, nuclear DNA. Arrows indicate colocalizations.

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