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Figure 2

From: Preliminary molecular characterization of the human pathogen Angiostrongylus cantonensis

Figure 2

Biological characterization of 168 full-length cDNAs of A. cantonensis. (a) Length distribution of 168 full-length cDNAs (in bp). (b) Length distribution of proteins (in amino acids; AA) deduced from predicted ORFs of the 168 full-length cDNAs in a. (c) Length-distribution of UTR regions (in bp) calculated from UTR length relative to entire cDNA length, expressed as a percentage. (d) Copy-number statistics for each cDNA cluster derived from counts of cDNA copies in each cDNA cluster isolated in the first set of 1200 clones. (e) Distribution of the predicted subcellular locations of the putative protein products of full-length cDNAs. (f) Number distribution of predicted transmembrane motifs of proteins deduced from ORFs as in a.

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