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Figure 5

From: Dual effect of a single nucleotide polymorphism in the first intron of the porcine Secreted phosphoprotein 1 gene: allele-specific binding of C/EBP beta and activation of aberrant splicing

Figure 5

Identification of aberrant splicing of the porcine SPP1 mRNA activated by the g.3836A>G SNP. (A) High-resolution agarose electrophoretic analysis of RT-PCR-amplified fragment of porcine SPP1 spanning exons 1 to 6 using seven longissimus dorsi muscle cDNA from 91 day old fetuses per each genotype class. (B) Nucleotide sequence of the 3' terminal end of the first intron and exon 2 of porcine SPP1 [GenBank:M84121]. Native and the identified de novo and cryptic splice acceptor sites are shown in bold letters in darkly shaded, lightly shaded and open circles respectively. The SNP position is indicated in IUPAC ambiguity code. Sequences exonized by the de novo and cryptic splice acceptor sites are underlined by thick and thin line respectively. Additional potential splice acceptor sites are indicated by dashed line-circles. Putative authentic and cryptic branch sites are indicated by shaded and open boxes respectively. The intron and exon sequences are shown in lower and upper case letters respectively. The translation start is indicated by an arrow.

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