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Figure 2

From: Dual effect of a single nucleotide polymorphism in the first intron of the porcine Secreted phosphoprotein 1 gene: allele-specific binding of C/EBP beta and activation of aberrant splicing

Figure 2

EMSA and supershift assay using probes allelic for the g.3836A>G SNP and nuclear extracts from longissimus dorsi muscle of 91 day old fetuses. Addition of nuclear extracts (NE), labelled probes, 100-fold molar excess of different unlabelled competitors and antibody is indicated above each lane (Comp A: competitor bearing the wild type A allele; Comp G: competitor bearing the mutant G allele; Comp Sp1: probe bearing the consensus Sp1 binding motif as unspecific competitor; Comp C/EBP: probe bearing the consensus C/EBP binding motif). s indicates specific DNA:protein complex involving C/EBPβ; ss indicates supershifted complex; roman numerals (I-II) indicate DNA:protein complex formed by labelled probe bearing the consensus Sp1 binding motif

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