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Figure 1

From: Dual effect of a single nucleotide polymorphism in the first intron of the porcine Secreted phosphoprotein 1 gene: allele-specific binding of C/EBP beta and activation of aberrant splicing

Figure 1

Evolutionary conservation and variation of the sequence of the upstream region of porcine SPP1. The position of exons labelled by numbers in roman numerals, and of repetitive elements labelled by their identity (Porcine repetitive element 1, PRE1; Mammalian interspersed repetitive element, MIR; GT-microsatellite, (GT)n) is indicated at the top. The arrowed line shows direction of the transcription. Beneath stacked-pairwise conservation profiles between porcine and corresponding bovine, canine, human and murine sequences generated using the Mulan tool are shown. Bars above the conservation profiles indicate evolutionarily conserved regions (>70% identity; >100 bp). Numbered lines show position of the identified SNP ([GenBank:M84121]: 1. g.1804C>T; 2. g.3836A>G)

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