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Figure 1

From: A small intergenic region drives exclusive tissue-specific expression of the adjacent genes in Arabidopsis thaliana

Figure 1

Expression of At5g06280 and At5g06290 during life cycle of Arabidopsis. Histochemical detection of GUS in Arabidopsis plants from Prom280:GUS and Prom290:GUS lines of different ages. The Arabidopsis growing stages (according to [20]) are indicated at the right bottom corner of the pictures. GUS activity are seen in Prom280:GUS line (C, E, G, I) in the petiole and vascular bundle of midrib in all the leaves, but not in the cotyledons (A). The Prom290:GUS line (B, D, F, H, J) has evidenced staining in mesophillic tissue of the leaves at all stages. (K) Open flower of Prom280:GUS line showing staining of the vascular tissues of the sepals. (L) Open flower of Prom290:GUS line with stained sepals. (M) Senescent flower of Prom290:GUS line. (N) Siliques of Prom290:GUS line showing the stained style and stigmatic tissue. Siliques of Prom280:GUS line were not stained at all (data not shown).

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