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Table 1 Description of peach reference genes for RT-qPCR

From: Selection of reliable reference genes for gene expression studies in peach using real-time PCR

Namea Peach EST database accession number Arabidopsis homolog locusb Arabidopsis locus description Function Identities (%)
18S rRNA TC1229 AT3G41768 18S ribosomal RNA Cytosolic small ribosomal subunit, translation 97
ACT TC1223 AT5G09810 Actin 2/7 Structural constituent of cytoskeleton 85
CYP2 TC1916 AT3G63400 Cyclophilin (CYP2) Protein folding, RNA splicing 87
TEF2 TC3544 AT1G56070 Translation enlongation factor 2 Translation factor activity, nucleic acid binding 100
GAPDH TC3113 AT1G13440 Glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase glycolysis 84
PLA2 DY636283 AT2G19690 Phospholipase A2 beta Phospholipid metabolic process 71
RP II TC1717 AT2G15430 RNA polymerase subunit DNA-directed RNA polymerase activity, DNA binding 73
RPL13 TC5178 AT5G23900 60S ribosomal protein L13 (RPL13D) Structural constituent of ribosome 100
TUA TC2873 AT5G19780 Tublin alpha-5 Cytoskeleton structural protein 100
TUB TC3624 AT1G75780 Tublin beta-1 Unidimensional cell growth, response to light stimulus 100
UBQ10 TC2782 AT4G05320 Ubiquitin 10 Protein modification process, protein binding 83
  1. All peach ESTs were named based on similarity to Arabidopsis proteins determined via BLASTX. b Closest Arabidopsis homolog identified using TAIR BLAST [64]. AGI proteins database was queried with peach nucleotide sequences using BLASTX or in the case of 18S rRNA, Arabidopsis genome database with BLASTN.