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Figure 1

From: Multiple RNAs from the mouse carboxypeptidase M locus: functional RNAs or transcription noise?

Figure 1

The mouse CPM locus and its transcripts. A) The genomic region on mouse chromosome 10 where the CPM gene maps is represented showing the relative position and direction of transcription of the Cpsf6 (in green), CPM (in blue) and Mdm2 (in dark blue) genes as well as the pseudogene Kifc5c (in red). B) The analyzed cDNAs and CAGE sequences that support the defined mouse CPM locus transcripts are shown in relation to the mouse CPM gene exons. The black vertical lines and blocks represent the nucleotide sequences of the cDNA or CAGE-tag(s) in their relative position to the mouse CPM gene exons (represented in blue), identified by the cDNA GenBank Accession number (in black) or the CAGE transcription Star Site ID (CAGEtss, in blue). The exons of spliced cDNAs are connected by horizontal arrowed lines showing the direction of transcription. The mouse CPM locus transcript(s) being supported by these sequences are indicated above the cDNAs and CAGEtss codes as "T" and the assigned number, in green when sense, and in red when anti-sense to the CPM gene direction of transcription.

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