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Table 1 Classification of Balanus amphitrite ESTs

From: Construction of an adult barnacle (Balanus amphitrite) cDNA library and selection of reference genes for quantitative RT-PCR studies

Search method Putative source E-value Annotation N° of sequences
Blast2n vs nt     457
InterPro     438
Blast2x vs SP     458
Blast2x vs KEGG     500
    Functionally annotated 449
    Unassigned ESTs 149
    Unknown ESTs 307
  Ribosomal RNA    123
  Mitochondrial DNA    202
  Genomic DNA    580
   < e-30   191
   > e-30   407
  1. Vector clipped ESTs longer than 50 nucleotides and with an E-value > e-5 were functionally annotated whenever possible. Blast hits with E-values < e-5 were included in the unassigned proteins. Unknown ESTs in our dataset are those with no match in sequence databases. These ESTs were considered to be of genomic DNA origin as it is unlikely that the highly conserved mitochondrial gene would not result in a Blast hit.