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Table 1 Name, function and sequence ID of the housekeeping genes

From: Identification and validation of housekeeping genes in brains of the desert locust Schistocerca gregaria under different developmental conditions

HKG Name of Drosophila orthologue Flybase accession no Sequence ID Function
GAPDH Glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase CG8893 LC.135.C1.Contig 192 Oxidoreductase in glycolysis & gluconeogenesis
TubA1 α-tubulin 1A CG1913 LC.572.C3.Contig 674 Cytoskeletal structure protein
Ubi Ubiquitin conjugating enzyme 10 CG11624 LC.2112.C1.Contig 2271 Protein degradation
ACT Actin 5C CG4027 LC.47.C2.Contig 66 Cytoskeletal structure protein
EF1a Elongation factor 1α CG8280 LC.303.C1.Contig 382 Protein synthesis
RP49 Ribosomal protein 49 CG7939 LC.3836.C1.Contig 3963 Translation
CG13220 CG13220 CG13220 LC.269.C1.Contig 342 Unknown