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Figure 4

From: A novel liver specific isoform of the rat LAR transcript is expressed as a truncated isoform encoded from a 5'UTR located within intron 11

Figure 4

Location and annotation of the 824 bp homologous region surrounding the 5'UTR. (A) Magnified region surrounding the 5'UTR. (B) Rat, mouse and human sequences corresponding to this region. Thin boxes correspond to the (1) LASEc site and the (2) novel 5'UTR. Thick boxes correspond to putative transcription factor binding sites-GRE-Glucocorticoid response element, PPRE-peroxisome proliferator activated receptor response element, HNF4α-Hepatocyte nuclear factor 4 alpha, CRE-cAMP response element. +ve = located on the sense strand; -ve = located on the antisense strand. Arrowheads correspond to (i) CAAT box, (ii) putative TATA box and (iii) transcription start site.

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