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Figure 3

From: A novel liver specific isoform of the rat LAR transcript is expressed as a truncated isoform encoded from a 5'UTR located within intron 11

Figure 3

LAR protein expression in liver and brain. (A) Full-length LAR protein structure showing the location of the IgG-like, FNIII-like, transmembrane and phosphatase domains. The target regions of antibodies A1 and A2 are shown. The location of the putative translation start site of the novel isoform encoded by the 5'UTR is also shown. (Bi) Western blot of liver (L) and brain (Br) tissue probed using antibody A1. (Biia) Western blot of liver (Li), small intestine (SI), kidney (K), brain (Br), testicle (T), heart (Ht), adrenal (A) and muscle (M) probed using antibody A1. Arrows identify the E-subunit. (Biib) A lengthened exposure of the western blot shown in Biia identifying the 150 kDa E-subunit in all tissues (arrows). (Ci) Western blot of liver and brain probed with antibody A2 either without (-BP) or with (+BP) blocking peptide. (Cii) Western blot of liver, small intestine, kidney, brain, testicle, heart, adrenal and muscle using antibody A2. Arrowhead identifies a liver specific band at 150 kDa. Dotted arrow identifies a band at 30 kDa. * identifies the P-subunit, + identifies the LAR-CTF.

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