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Figure 1

From: A novel liver specific isoform of the rat LAR transcript is expressed as a truncated isoform encoded from a 5'UTR located within intron 11

Figure 1

5'RACE identification of a novel 5'UTR in intron 11 of the LAR gene. (A) Structure of the rat LAR gene. (B) Magnification of the region of the novel 5'UTR. Open box – 5'UTR, LASEc – LAR alternatively spliced element c. Exons and alternatively spliced elements are represented as boxes in all figures, labelled as follows: White dots on black background – LASEc, black dots on white background – exon 12, dark grey – exon 13, light grey – exon 14, wavy lines – exon 15 & diagonal dashing – exon 16.

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