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Figure 5

From: Selective control of primer usage in multiplex one-step reverse transcription PCR

Figure 5

Real-time one-step RT-PCR evaluation of cDNA priming strategies and the effect of unbalanced target concentrations. A) Real-time one-step RT-PCR evaluation of the effect of different RT primers on quantification of RNA expression in singleplex and in triplex. Reactions employed either an oligo(dT)18 RT primer, a random decamer RT primer, or a combination of oligo(dT)18 and random decamer RT primers for cDNA synthesis. In addition, each one-step RT-PCR protocol employed Taq DNA polymerase, M-MLV RT, 0.8 μg of human thymus total RNA, and CleanAmp™ Precision PCR primers. Reactions were performed in triplicate. B) Real-time one-step RT-PCR evaluation of triplex one-step RT-PCR amplifications using different custom prepared mixes containing three RNA standards in different ratios. The relative abundance for each mixture A through H is represented in the following format: (X:Y:Z), where the copies of the ABCA5 RNA standard is present at 10^X copies, the ABCA6 RNA standard is present at 10^Y copies, and the ABCA7 RNA standard is present at 10^Z copies. The observed copy number for each reaction, which was performed in triplicate, was obtained by extrapolation of the Cq to a standard curve for the ABCA5, ABCA6, and ABCA7 RNA standards. The resultant data for each RNA sample was normalized to ABCA7 and was plotted graphically.

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