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Figure 4

From: Selective control of primer usage in multiplex one-step reverse transcription PCR

Figure 4

Singleplex and triplex real-time one-step RT-PCR detection of ABCA5, ABCA6, and ABCA7 in three different tissues. Reactions, which were performed in triplicate, contained M-MLV reverse transcriptase, an unmodified oligo(dT)18 primer, Taq DNA polymerase and CleanAmp™ Precision PCR primers for the ABCA5, ABCA6 and ABCA7 genes. A standard curve for ABCA5, ABCA6, and ABCA7 was determined by employing ~101 to ~108 copies of the appropriate RNA standard. Each of the three human total RNA tissue samples (brain (0.78 μg), thymus (0.8 μg), and trachea (0.82 μg)) was amplified in singleplex and triplex format for detection of ABCA5, ABCA6, and ABCA7. The number of copies of each target in a given tissue was determined by extrapolating the resultant Cq values to the standard curve and normalizing the resultant values to the micrograms of input total RNA. A) The relative number of copies per microgram and standard deviation for each target in brain, thymus, and trachea total RNA is represented in a bar graph, which displays the results for singleplex and triplex amplifications. B) The corresponding agarose gel analysis of the three tissue samples amplified in singleplex and in triplex.

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