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Figure 2

From: Selective control of primer usage in multiplex one-step reverse transcription PCR

Figure 2

One-step RT-PCR evaluation of unmodified and thermolabile CleanAmp™ Precision primers to amplify three different targets of ABCA transporters in singleplex, duplex, and triplex amplifications. For each gene of interest (ABCA5, ABCA6, and ABCA7), the PCR primers were unmodified or contained CleanAmp™ Precision modifications. Reverse transcription utilized an oligo(dT)18 primer. Reactions contained Taq DNA polymerase, the appropriate reverse transcriptase, and 0.82 μg of human trachea total RNA. A) Reactions employed M-MLV reverse transcriptase and utilized an RT extension temperature of 42°C. B) Reactions employed SuperScript® III reverse transcriptase (SSIII RT) and utilized an RT extension temperature of 55°C.

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