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Figure 5

From: TLK1B promotes repair of DSBs via its interaction with Rad9 and Asf1

Figure 5

Association of Rad17 clamp-loader and Rad9 at chromatin adjacent a DSB. Conditions for ChIP were described in [11]. The occupancy of Rad17 (A) and Rad9 (B) adjacent to the DSB was monitored during a time course of adeno-HO infection, using primers puro1/puro2. The signals of the bands (quantitated with Image J) were normalized to that of the uncleaved DNA at the FABP1 locus. The average of the data and error-bars from 3 complete experiments are shown. C) HO-mediated death in control and TLK1B-KD-expressing cells. Cells were infected with adeno-HO, and either immediately collected or collected two days later. The cells were stained with Trypan blue and counted to monitor viability.

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