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Figure 4

From: TLK1B promotes repair of DSBs via its interaction with Rad9 and Asf1

Figure 4

Genomic HO-mediated cleavage and repair. A) Diagram of the Mat cassette integrated at chromosome 14. These cell lines were described in [11]. B) Time course Post Infection (PI) with adeno-HO. Presence of the DSB was followed by PCR, probing for a ~500 bp product generated with primers T7 and Puro2 flanking the HO-site. MM3MG cells and cells overexpressing TLK1B-KD (kinase-dead) were compared for kinetics of DSB repair. For greater sensitivity, the PCR reaction included [α-32P]dATP, and 23 cycles were employed. FABP1 (fat binding protein 1) is a control product from a single copy gene. C) Western blot of E3::HO. This is shown during a time course of Adeno-HO infection.

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