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Table 5 Ranking of candidate reference genes according to their expression stability assessed by GeNorm and NormFinder in five data sets.

From: Identification and validation of reference genes for quantitative RT-PCR normalization in wheat

Rank GeNorm Rank NormFinder
  I Data set II Data set III Data set IV Data set V Data set   I Data set II Data set III Data set IV Data set V Data set
1/2 Ta35284/Ta22845 Ta35284/Ta22845 Ta54825/Ta53889 Ta2776/35284 Ta4045/Ta50503 1/2 Ta54227/Ta2291 Ta54227/2291 Ta30797/Ta4045 Ta30797/Ta54227 Ta54227/Ta53889
3 Ta54227 Ta54227 Ta22845 Ta54227 Ta53889 3 Ta2776 Ta54948 Ta54948 Ta1698 Ta50503
4 Ta2291 Ta2291 Ta2291 Ta1698 Ta54227 4 Ta35284 Ta2776 Ta54238 Ta2776 Ta4045
5 Ta53889 Ta53889 Ta54238 Ta53967 Ta54238 5 Ta53919 Ta54448 Ta2291 Ta53967 Ta54238
6 Ta4045 Ta4045 Ta54948 Ta22845 Ta53891 6 Ta53967 Ta25284 Ta1698 Ta54963 Ta55512
7 Ta2776 Ta2776 Ta2776 Ta54448 Ta54447 7 Ta54171 Ta53919 Ta54733 Ta54948 Ta53967
8 Ta53967 Ta54448 Ta30797 Ta2291 Ta2291 8 Ta54963 Ta54171 Ta22845 Ta54448 Ta54448
9 Ta54963 Ta54948 Ta54227 Ta54280 Ta53919 9 Ta54733 Ta53967 Ta2776 Ta22845 Ta53919
10 Ta53919 Ta53967 Ta4045 Ta54963 Ta55512 10 Ta4045 Ta35497 Ta35284 Ta44405 Ta53937
11 Ta54448 Ta54171 Ta35284 Ta30797 Ta53967 11 Ta54448 Ta54733 Ta53937 Ta53891 Ta35284
12 Ta54171 Ta53919 Ta54733 Ta54948 Ta54448 12 Ta22845 Ta54963 Ta54963 Ta54238 Ta2776
13 Ta54733 Ta54963 Ta1698 Ta54238 Ta53937 13 Ta53937 Ta4045 Ta54512 Ta54280 Ta2291
14 Ta54937 Ta35497 Ta53937 Ta53891 Ta35284 14 Ta53889 Ta53889 Ta54171 Ta35284 Ta54447
15 Ta54280 Ta54733 Ta50503 Ta44405 Ta54948 15 Ta54238 Ta54280 Ta53967 Ta54171 Ta53891
16 Ta54238 Ta53964 Ta54963 Ta25534 Ta2776 16 Ta54280 Ta22845 Ta54825 Ta53937 Ta53964
17 Ta53964 Ta54280 Ta54512 Ta53937 Ta22845 17 Ta50503 Ta54238 Ta53889 Ta25534 Ta54948
18 Ta50503 Ta53937 Ta53967 Ta54171 Ta53964 18 Ta53964 Ta53937 Ta54447 Ta53919 Ta35497
19 Ta55512 Ta54238 Ta54171 Ta53919 Ta35497 19 Ta54512 Ta53964 Ta53919 Ta2291 Ta22845
20 Ta25534 Ta50503 Ta53919 Ta54733 Ta38797 20 Ta55512 Ta50503 Ta54227 Ta54733 Ta38797
21 Ta54512 Ta25534 Ta54447 Ta35497 Ta25534 21 Ta25534 Ta54512 Ta50503 Ta35497 Ta30768
22 Ta1698 Ta54512 Ta55512 Ta53964 Ta30768 22 Ta1698 Ta25534 Ta55512 Ta50503 Ta25534
23 Ta30797 Ta55512 Ta54280 Ta50503 Ta54512 23 Ta30797 Ta55512 Ta30768 Ta53964 Ta54512
24 Ta54948 Ta30797 Ta35497 Ta38797 Ta54733 24 Ta54948 Ta30797 Ta54280 Ta38797 Ta54733
25 Ta30768 Ta30768 Ta27771 Ta30768 Ta27771 25 Ta30768 Ta30768 Ta35497 Ta30768 Ta27771
26 Ta54447 Ta53891 Ta53964 Ta54825 Ta54963 26 Ta54447 Ta1698 Ta54448 Ta54825 Ta30797
27 Ta35497 Ta54447 Ta38797 Ta55512 Ta30797 27 Ta35497 Ta38797 Ta53964 Ta55512 Ta54171
28 Ta27771 Ta1698 Ta30768 Ta53889 Ta54171 28 Ta27771 Ta53891 Ta27771 Ta53889 Ta54963
29 Ta54825 Ta38797 Ta54448 Ta4045 Ta54280 29 Ta54825 Ta54447 Ta25534 Ta27771 Ta54280
30 Ta53891 Ta27771 Ta25534 Ta27771 Ta54825 30 Ta53891 Ta54825 Ta38797 Ta54447 Ta54825
31 Ta44405 Ta54825 Ta44405 Ta54447 Ta44405 31 Ta44405 Ta27771 Ta44405 Ta4045 Ta44405
32 Ta38797 Ta44405 Ta53891 Ta54512 Ta1698 32 Ta38797 Ta44405 Ta53891 Ta54512 Ta1698