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Figure 5

From: Identification and validation of reference genes for quantitative RT-PCR normalization in wheat

Figure 5

Relative quantification of TaPDIL1-1 expression using selected reference genes as internal controls in 18 tissues and developmental stages of wheat. 1) Roots from plants with single shoot and three leaves unfolded (Feekes scale 1.3); 2) Shoots1 = single shoots and leaves from plants at Feekes scale 1.3; 3) Shoots2 = shoots at the beginning of tillering (Feekes scale 2); 4) Shoots3 = shoots from plants with formed tillers (Feekes scale 3); 5) Shoots4 = shoots at the beginning of erect growth (Feekes scale 4); 6) flag leaves at booting stage (Feekes scale 10); 7) stems at booting stage (Feekes scale 10); 8–10) Spikes1-3 = spikes collected at intervals of 10–12 days (three developmental stages: 15–20 mm, flag leaf unfolding and heading stage); 11–16) single floral organs (glumes, lemma, palea, lodicules, stamens and pistil) from fully emerged spikes (Feekes scale 10.5); 17–18) Seeds 1–2 = seeds collected 15 (medium milk stage) and 30 (hard dough stage) days after anthesis. Normalization was performed using different methods (geNorm: geometric average of the three most stable reference genes; NormFind: geometric average of the two most stable genes; Ta54227: the most stable gene identified by NormFinder; Ta54825 = Actin; Ta25534 = α-tubulin). Normalized values of TaPDIL1-1 relative expression are given as average ± SD.

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