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Figure 3

From: The sterol carrier protein 2/3-oxoacyl-CoA thiolase (SCPx) is involved in cholesterol uptake in the midgut of Spodoptera litura: gene cloning, expression, localization and functional analyses

Figure 3

Alignment and phyologenetic tree analysis of the deduced amino acid sequences of Sl SCPx and its homologues. (A) Sequence alignment and (B) phyologenetic analysis of SCPx homologues from other species. S. littoralis SCPx (AAT72922), A. aegypti SCPx (AAF53713), B. mori SCPx (NP_001037378), D. melanogaster SCPx (NP_524715), O. cuniculus SCPx (AF051897), H. sapiens SCP-x (P32020) and M. musculus SCPx (AAA40098). The amino acid residues that are identical are indicated by black background. The consensus strength is shown above the sequence alignment panels. The three amino acid residues required for reaction activity of thiolases are indicated by asterisks. The peroxisome targeting sequence (SKL or AKL) is boxed. The SCPx-2 region is indicated by a line above the sequence panel.

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